Protect your vehicle from rust, corrosion and grime. Trust Auto Accessory & Install to complete your rust protection and undercoat spraying correctly the first time.

Rust can start to accumulate on your vehicle as soon as you start driving it, no matter how new it is. Rust can stay hidden behind floor panels, inside doors and underneath wheel wells. Hire us to apply a rust protection spray to the body of your vehicle to prevent rust from building up and leading to costly repairs.

Rust protection spray can protect the body of your vehicle, but in order to safeguard your vehicle's frame you need to apply an undercoat spray. Undercoating adds a layer of protection to the undercarriage, keeping the floor boards, wheel wells and frame safe from the damaging effects of salt, rust, dirt and debris.

When you bring your vehicle by our auto shop, we'll clean the undercarriage before applying the protective spray. We can spray every area of your vehicle that isn't a moving part.

3 reasons to apply an undercoat to your vehicle

Auto Accessory & Install provides rust protection and undercoating services. You should have undercoating applied to your vehicle because it will:

1. Extend the life of your vehicle
2. Prevent rust, dirt and salt from causing damage
3. Increase your vehicle's resale value

Contact us right away to schedule rust protection or undercoat application services.