Stop worrying about damaging your truck bed. Auto Accessory & Install applies spray-on truck bed liners that will keep truck beds protected while you're hauling things around.

No matter what you haul in your truck, a truck bed liner is crucial for keeping your truck bed in pristine condition. Our spray-on Rhino truck bed liners cover the bed, fenders, rockers and bumpers of your truck.

Rhino truck bed liners come with a lifetime warranty and are available in a wide variety of colors. We'll help you choose a liner matches the color of your vehicle. Our spray-on liners can be applied to the roofs of campers, the beds of trailers and the bottoms of canoes, too.

Reach out to us today to arrange for your truck bed liner application.

3 benefits of spray-on bed liners

Auto Accessory & Install completes truck bed liner applications. Spraying one of our Rhino truck bed liners onto your truck will:

1. Prevent cargo from sliding around in your truck bed
2. Protect the bed from scratches, dents, rust and moisture
3. Improve the appearance of your truck

Come by our auto shop as soon as possible to get a spray-on truck bed liner applied to your truck.

Rhino Lining in Dubuque, IA
Rhino Lining in Dubuque, IA
Rhino Lining in Dubuque, IA
Rhino Lining in Dubuque, IA